A house that has been improved through remodeling and a home addition

Remodels and Additions

When your home no longer meets your current needs, it may be time to consider a remodel or addition. For many people, moving or building a custom home may seem daunting or impractical. Perhaps you love your current home but just don’t have enough space; or perhaps you just want to upgrade the efficiency or flow of an older home in a great neighborhood. Maybe you are considering updating a kitchen or bathroom.

It is our philosophy that an addition or remodel should harmonize with the existing home to such an extent that it should be imperceptible where the existing home stops and the remodel begins. How many times have you seen an poorly planned remodel or addition? A successful remodel takes advantage of the existing style of the home and enhances the general organization both inside and out.

Upgrading a home can be a major investment and with our help you can be assured that your money will be spent wisely. A well planned addition or remodel can solve many problems as well as create a wonderful investment. This held true in the following example. Our client did not want to move due to the wonderful, close in, five acre setting. A home based business located in one of the outbuildings also stood in the way of relocating. Our client utilized the side of the home which served as the sleeping quarters, but wanted to create a much larger great room concept that took advantage of the view on the property. Our client was able to live on site in the right side while watching their dreams materialize before their eyes on the left!

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